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A Beautiful Living, AFH, LLC
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A Beautiful Living AFH
Lynnwood, WA
Please call 425-971-9342 to arrange a tour
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A Beautiful Living II
Lynnwood, WA
Please call 425-971-9342 to arrange a tour
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A Beautiful Living IV
Lynnwood, WA
Please call 425-971-9342 to arrange a tour
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Virginia C. Yanos
Virginia C. Yanos RN, MSN

Nurse Delegate & Instructor
27 years of health care experience

A Beautiful Living Adult Family Home, LLC
pin location 4201 164th St. SW, Suite A
Lynnwood, Washington 98087
phone Phone # 425-971-9342
Fax # 425-743-3384
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Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to A Beautiful Living Adult Family Home, LLC! We are a residential care facility for the elderly tucked away in a quiet section of Lynnwood, Washington.

Here, our senior residents bask in the relaxing atmosphere of our expansive grounds and homey interiors.

We have large living or social function rooms where our residents can spend time talking to each other. This is to make sure that all aspects of health are well attended to. Communication is vital for their well-being and so we freely allow their families to visit them during daytime. Our bedrooms are well kept by our responsible staff, equipped with durable and safe furnishings as well. Outside, there is always enough space for some form of recreation to allow everyone to enjoy a full day under the sun. We offer counseling and spiritual guidance to enrich the intrapersonal facets of our residents. Our facility's comfortable living environment, and excellent care and service add to the pleasure of living at A Beautiful Living Adult Family Home, LLC.

Our residents benefit from the supervision and assistance of our warm and caring staff as they simply enjoy their twilight years without having to deal with the rigors of daily life. To deliver excellent care, we properly screen our staff by subjecting them to criminal and background checks, as well as credential verification. We continuously train them to provide up-to-date care for our residents too.

Our personalized care plan for our residents ensure that their individual interests are considered, and that their respective capabilities are gauged so that we can provide just the right level of support. We employ a comprehensive tool for assessment, planning and implementation to ensure not one of our residents' preferences are left out. We will also involve their families in the entire decision making process. Thus, each resident will find a distinctive mix of security and independent living, privacy and camaraderie, and soundness of mind, body and spirit.

Our homes are close to amenities such as parks, shopping centers, and medical care facilities. Thus, promoting the social well-being of our clients will not be difficult.

Come to us and let us show you how we can make a difference in your life. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Check out our 4 locations at our Photo Gallery.